Kia Ora, welcome!

Thanks for stopping by my little creative corner on the net!

I love making things!

Photography, music and instruments, carving in bone, wood, paua shell.

So I made a new website, all about things I love making and creating!

Hope you enjoy it too, feel free to browse around!

Dive right in!

Creative beauties to discover here!

Feel free to browse around!


I love Photography!

Hope you do too!

Have a peek.


Music, instruments, building instruments!

It's all here!


Carving, sculpture, wearable jewellery.

Made out of bone, paua shell and antler!

Check it out!


It's not rocket science, is it?

Making a website, like this maybe.

A cosy van to live in and travel.

No stopping us here...


Let your shopping desires run free



Does what it says.

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