Camper vans!

Travelling the Land of Beauty in style!

I have over the years converted 6 different empty vans into cosy travel ships on wheels!

It's a fun and great way to travel and see New Zealand!

Let me know if I can help you with advice or even converting a van here to get it ready to hit the road!

We can have a skype converstaion about your questions and ideas,

I can help with travel suggestions to design ideas. I can share lots of hands on experience from interior design.

Self-containment certification, rules of freedom camping and things to know about camper vanning in Aotearoa.

Let's chat!

You can book a skype conversation through the shop section. Please contact me then to set up a suitable time.

Skype conversations are US $ 20 for 30 minutes. A lot can be discussed and sorted in that direct way in half an hour.

Don't just take my word for it....!

The van that Stephan has built for us is amazing! Cosy, practical and going so well!

It was originally a somewhat rough contractors van and the transformation
Stephan did to it is hard to believe.

We have beeen around the South Island the last three summers and we really enjoyed the van.

We're coming again in 2018, can't wait and looking forward to our home on wheels!

Great way to get around and enjoy New Zealand! Thanks Bro!

Elisabeth and Carl

Elisabeth and Carl

NZ travel enthusiasts par excellance

We met Stephan through his fabulous bone carving school and in 2010 we asked him if he could
convert our Toyota Hiace van into a campervan.
We could not be happier with the result!
We have now spent more than 400 nights in the 'Hiace Hilton' (as we call it), travelling all
over New Zealand in our role as professional travel writers.
Not only is the layout brilliant, with every inch of space well used,
it is also very stylish and well finished.
People often remark on the quality of the design and style, and we have yet to see a better
home-crafted conversion of a small van.
In the next couple of years we are going to commission Stephan to convert another,
slightly larger van than for us.
We are absolute campervanning addicts and the time is coming to go slightly larger.
We can't wait!

Sarah and Lee

Sarah Bennet and Lee Slater

Travel writers and they know the roads...!

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