Guitars and other stringed beauties!


I do enjoy playing music. I do love guitars and feel a deep connection with the instrument.

headstock Matai guitar

And I do love the guitars and accessories I made myself, with my own hands, ideas and vision! Photo gallery coming up soon, keep checking back!

I have been working in Germany in a guitar custom workshop in the early nineties and since then have always been involved in making and setting up guitars.
Even getting myself into the challenge of building and designing effect circuits and ‘stompboxes’ as they are lovingly known.
And to top it all off building and hot rodding my own tube guitar amplifiers.
Tube technology has for me a similar fascination as steam engines have.
On one hand they are outdated and at the same time nothing comes quite close to the whole experience and what they represent.
It’s something special, sensual and magic about them!

Don't just take my word for it....!

I couldn’t drive my Mesa for tone and was left with a feeble, bee-in-a-bottle sound.
Stephan sorted it!
He built me an attenuator and combined with his pedals, there’s a warm, organic sound - but with plenty of definition and tonal range.
Great customer service too. Thanks Stephan!

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

songwriter and slide guitarist par excellence at "Humankindness"

Stephan's vintage pedals are great, I have a tubescreamer/compression, treble booster & high gain pedal which I use in every performance.
hey deliver the great tone that I like.
I recommend them to anyone who's searching for the holy grail of vintage tones for your sound.

Glynn Olsen

guitarist and tone expert at Boogie Train, Lizard Kings NZ and Humankindness

I had Stephan build me an analog double delay unit fx pedal. Completely customised with a name sticker as well!
It is by far the best sounding pedal I own. I also bought a Blues crunch pedal, which is lovely and mellow.
Since I'm not a heavy metal band, it is more subtle than most off the shelf & sounds beautiful when mixed with the delay pedal.
It has become part of my signature sound.
I totally recommend Big Noise pedals to anyone who wants a well priced fx pedal with a world class sound.

Bryce Wastney

Bryce Wastney


I recently purchased the 10w valve HARPMAN amp from BigNoise amplification teamed it up with a weber 10" speaker noted for its early break up and "Chicago HONK".
Man what a little beauty I cant go a day without blowing my harp through it!

Guitar sounds great thru it also but primarily its for harp honking blues.

I love it! Well done Stephan!

Gort Forshaw blues harp man

Gort Forshaw

Harp man of the first degree and number 8 wire enthusiast

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